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Nikon Centre @ Time Square

Just before I went for SodaGreen Music Concert , went to Nikon Centre at TimeSquare as I reached early. Some more I am looking for a Nikon DSLR =) Nikon Centre @ Time Square The first thing that attracted me is their BIG Gun!! Specially for paparazzi because can snap very far through the window. Luckily opposite not hotel. Nikon without plastic shield What kind of camera have you used before? They were born before me. Twin sister picture, I guess they are Baba nyonya? Nikon Centre at TimeSquare provide us a station to try some of the compact camera and DSLR. Watch the detail, catch the detail. Nikon D5000 - Benefits on the flipping screen, lighter than D90 Nikon D90 - First DSLR with HD video recording =D My sister is looking for this lens AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D Heard market price is RM 380 +/-? The price of SB-900 = 2 x SB-600 Researched and found out that auto aperture available with SB-900 I am going to look for a D90 kit lens set tomorrow and hope that ca