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PFHS 96th Anniversary [Part II] - Classroom Decoration

Let's continue on my high school anniversary, you can read Pay Fong High School 96th Anniversary - Part I by clicking it. Today I would like to share about how my juniors decorated their classroom along with this event. There are many classroom nicely decorated and I will share with you all some that I like. I like the my current school environment. First of all, Patapon ! I like their cute characters and avatar plus this is a nice PSP game too. I remember I used to say I wanna buy PSP just for this game, but something more important hold me to spend on it ;p Inside one wall of the classroom It just so colourful for me and I like the four "buttons" most (Don, Chaka +++) Next, Happy Tree Friends - A cartoon that is full with blood+pain/death but sometimes it is funny at certain level. The 3D crazy candy lover named Nutty Oh, spotted "KingKong" a.k.a. YongKuan climbing on Eiffel Tower Next the Sushi House They are all cute handicraft =) In the simple and long

HP Future Is... Fly Up High!!

Appreciated with the opportunity given by Nuffnang and HP , I have attended HP's "Future Is..." event at Rootz Club (which is a rooftop bar). So what is the event about? Please allow me to tell you the story through pictures as they means more than thousand words~! [The other reason is because of my English writing =S] Rootz - The Latest NightClub at rooftop garden of Lot 10, KL Warm welcomed by Rootz Club crew and Nuffie Had a photo with HP's colourful backdrop and the goodies given First time got a well designed umbrella through an event. [ Bernard & Serge is the lovely temporary model] XD While entering Rootz Club I feel like we are passing through a time travel's tunnel to the future! The difference is we were served with wine, beer and juice~! The generation nowadays and future leaders are all together today To get to know what the 5 featured bloggers think about future trends Met Nicholas [one of the Nuffie] and unfortunately I said something