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10 Modeling Posing Ideas for Female Photoshoot featuring Eunice Yuen

Remote flash photography with Eunice Yuen ft @eunice_mann After sharing some photos of Anna taken at Tokyo Pastry , now is the time for me to share photos of Eunice Yuen a.k.a  @eunice_mann on Instagram. Thanks for spending time with us so I can practice remote-flash photography and posing model at the same time. Every time after a photoshoot, sometimes I do facing tough time in choosing one photo out of similar pose to show here. Why? Cos it is important to balance between quality vs quantity (some people said). I do think that I must strip down the amount of similar photos so that my photos can stand out more. With that people also will feel that your photos won't be repeating/draggy at the same time.  Now shall we scroll down for more photos?? Do leave a comment below about which photo is your favourite/it-can-be-removed!! Or else, just let me know what's your thought about this series of photos ya. Arigato Gozaimasu~