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Astro马力全开庆丰年,一路有你梦飞扬 - 欢迎可爱"马力"!!

Astro马力全开庆丰年,一路有你梦飞扬 Astro以 "马力全开庆丰年" 为主题, "一路有你梦飞扬" 为口号,正式启动倒数2014农历新年,除了每年都少不了的贺岁专辑和除夕夜倒数活动之外,全民电影 《一路有你》 也铁定于明年1月30日除夕晚9时上映,Astro AEC和Astro全佳HD现场直播。睽违三年后约定全民一起笑迎感动。新春倒数活动将在怡保首都进行,节目也会以跨州连线报道的方式,将槟城,马六甲,新山,吉隆坡,东海岸,古晋和亚庇多达7个地区的倒数盛况或表演,一一呈现给电视观众,覆盖地区堪称历年之最。 Astro中文部总监朱志恒 本地著名插画师 林行瑞 ,应邀为Astro设计马年吉祥物,并命名为 "马力" 周青元(Chiu导),本地著名插画师林行瑞,Astro中文部总监朱志恒一起揭晓"马力"的面貌 Astro艺人开心的一面  Denise Camillia =) "The Cup Song"融入了Astro2014新年的一首歌,猜猜哪一首?? Jeff and MeiYan being interviewed to share their CNY MV recording experience Jeff and MeiYan 'revealed' that that is how WaiFan keep the two plastic cups to train for the Cup Song hahaha Astro艺人在马力全开庆丰年记者会分享经验 Astro艺人在马力全开庆丰年记者会分享经验 赵洁莹为什么那么开心呢? 《一路有你》男主角李世平分享拍戏经验,尤其是那热气球的一幕 很多人一直询问他电影什么时候上映,“1月30号咯。这次真的!!哈哈” Astro特地请了两位白马代表“马力”与VIP一起合照。好样的!! 当天出席记者会的Astro艺人与“马力”+白马一起合照!! “马力全开庆丰年,一路有你梦飞扬” A picture together with Lenna Lim, De

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013 Top 10 | Astro国际华裔小姐2013 10强佳丽

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013 Top 10 Revealed! Astro国际华裔小姐2013 10强佳丽亮相 Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013 Top 10 finalists  were revealed at Paradigm Mall just now and a series of activities including special performance by Zhiny, Angelica and Erica manage to impressed the crowd. All 10 beautiful Miss Astro finalists undergone the T-Shirt Redesign Contest were talented students from  PJ College Arts and Design used 3 minutes to create a new look for the finalist. Since this Chinese Pageant contest is mainly in Chinese, I will just refer the events writing from Astro MACIP website accompany by the photos taken by me at the event. Chinese writing credits to writers 艾倚 and 美恩. I don't really light the yellow and harsh spotlights at the venue, therefore I've readjusted the color tone to softer and less yellowish. Hope you guys will like the photos that gonna show below: ***********************************************************