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Our Melaka+Muar outing at Valentine's Eve

First, I would like to say I am still single if the title misleading you ;p (Eventhough this is my purpose, wakaka) Why am I so free as Valentine's Eve should be working day? Because I managed to get two days off from my supervisor. I told him that I want to meet my friends before they go back to Taiwan again. And he approved my leave application!! Isn't it wonderful?! Thanks again Kenny ;p Basically, my friends planned to eat "Bak Kut Teh" @ 肉骨茶 in the morning but I overslept Same thing happened today and I late for work... I wake up late that day because I waiting for my friends to call me as he is fetching me. Since he is not calling me, I will just lying on the bed. Then after it is 11 AM, I felt something wrong and sms-ed him. No answer, so I just called him and only know my DIGI's line not working that morning... But look at the brightside :) I have slept more because of DIGI's faulty ;p So, I enjoyed my meal at home and prepared to go DreamBox @