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DASH & OJ LAW at Guinness Amplify Music Made of More | KL LIVE

OJ LAW @ AMPLIFY MUSIC MADE OF MORE | KL LIVE Hello guys, it is gonna be Monday again (very soon) so here's another post about  Guinness Amplify Music Made of More featuring DASH (Darren Ashley and the band), OJ LAW and MAGIC!. Both me and my girlfriend were the invited guest and we were given some drink tokens to redeem Guinness during the event. Well, to be honest, if they allow me to bring in my own camera especially DSLR to capture some precious moments of the music artists I will be much happier haha. Anyhow, I brought along two camera - SONY RX100 first edition and Samsung NX30 Smart Camera for this event. Both DASH and OJ LAW's performance were captured using Sony RX100 and I wish I can have their latest SONY RX100 v3 to take better photo. Sony RX100 so far is still the most compact camera you can bring into a concert/music showcase. If you wanna check out photos of Magic! taken using Samsung NX30, read it here: http://goo.g

MAGIC! Rude Live in Malaysia 2014 | #Amplify Music Made of More

MAGIC! Live in Malaysia 2014 | #Amplify Music Made of More Okie, so I just got back from Guinness #Amplify Music Made of More music showcase at KL Live  and glad to see that Guinness is supporting awesome local music artists and this show a good sign for our local music scene. Darren Ashley and OJ Law performed well before Magic! appear on stage. I didn't know that there will be only three music band performing tonight and was looking forward to see Froya and Bihzhu performing too. Anyhow, good one on #Amplify for bringing Magic! to Malaysia yo!! Below are some photos of Magic! band and the song that made them well known all around the world - RUDE.