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How to Take Beautiful Photos at i-City Shah Alam

Recently I've received an email from a reader: "Hello, just read your blog that you went i city with D90, which is same with me. I wonder how to take a picture in I city . Like speed, aperture those, will you share for me? Thank you very much Lee Fong" Looking back at my i-City blogpost that was written  in year 2010, I am really happy to know that  people like the post and has garnered almost 300 likes on Facebook =D  Thanks for loving this post! Between, i-City nowadays has changed a lot within few years! I guess most of the stuff are chargable and below are fees for entrance to i-City attraction: Price Guidelines: Outdoor Park Rides: RM5 to RM10 per pax Snowalk: RM25 to RM50 per pax FunWorld: RM5 to RM15 per pax WaterWorld: RM25 to RM50 per pax Operations Hours: City of Digital Lights: 7pm - 4am daily Outdoor Park Rides: 6pm - 12am daily Snowalk : 10am - 12am daily FunWorld : 2pm - 11pm WaterWorld: 10am - 7pm Trick Art Museum: 11a

i - City Shah Alam Malaysia Photos Stories

i-City Shah Alam, Malaysia - The place I visit with friends early in February 2010. Sorry for the super duper due post haha! Some people call it Ice-City instead of i-City. Maybe it is because of the new snow house? This is the location map for iCity Shah Alam Malaysia =) *Click to Enlarge* The first stop in i-City, can see the Christmas tree at the middle of the road. Everywhere was shining around with the white+blue lights~ Would you get these snowflake decoration lights for coming Chirstmas? Here is the Chrismas Tree with Tanglung/lanterns hanging on it because when I go it was still Chinese New Year Season~! Like the elks that looks like wanna fly into the sky already It is good to capture some happy moment especially when it comes out from the innocent kids "Hmm...where is Mickey? He made me wait again!" Me and Xeroz This is the opening hours of iCity Snow House : Monday to Thursday: 7.00pm to 11.