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Revive's Rev-Up Party | Euphoria

Long long long long time ago.... In February went to Rev-Up event that was organized at Euphoria. Was welcomed by 2 pretty girls and it definitely rev me us up. Like the photo session and on the spot photo printing service provided by them. We just post and shoot then wala! We will have our photo: First photo shooting in the progress Here's the end result. Btw, he is Evo bro that can act cute at anytime, wahaha Sure need to camwhore with them la ;p Really Rev-Up ha? After finished the shoot we can get our photo instantly ;p Put on the frame Here is the mini Facebook photo frame with photo that I get It will also uploaded on to Facebook on the same day too~! Me and YiWern ~ Almost forgot, the receptionist also pretty and handsome too =D Saw Rames there and asked for guide on how to do the setting for my D90. Second time use my D90 for event ar ;p Still a noob here. Thanks for the photo + glue couple Thanks to the Printer Man too ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~