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Something is wrong with

A green farm in India, 2013 Heyo people, since few months ago I found out that Google has index less my blog or facing crawling error on my blog. I don't seems to see Google show the correct search result especially when I try to google the recent post that I did. It show the links I shared on Facebook and Instagram instead =( Besides that, I've seen quite a lot .ruwebsite linking to my website. Is it something happening behind or the hosting got issue? Has anyone faced the same issue as well?? I am not sure if it is related to me using Flickr Image embedding services that decrease by Google Search Engine Ranking as all Flickr Image got outbound link to their website... I hope not as I had a disaster before with Picasa Web Album when they suddenly downgrade all photos that I previously uploaded to worst quality image. Other than that, hope that I manage to troubleshoot this issue as soon as possible as it really hurts my blog traffic and visibility on the in

Facebook Like Button Error. Can you Fix it?

So as you can see my blog has just transformed because I thought change to a new template will fix my Facebook Sharing button error =S Too bad it didn't and I have no idea why it happen. I lost my blog roll but look at the brightside I have a new blog skin haha! If you are one of the cool IT Technologist, try troubleshoot this error for me as I will be very appreciate on what you can do. This is one of the shoot taken at iCity early in February 2010. Will share the pictures I took in next blog post~! Yeah I have tons of "secret" post~! Anyway, have you noticed I have more post and event in recent day/month? I was trying to clearing up all my due post because I have too much to share but not enough time to blog about. So as a solution I will skip some of it and blog more often at the same time~! Most probably you will see TWO post a day if I am not attending any event that day haha! Read more: How to Put Facebook Like Button on Blogspot/Blogger You can subscribe