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Canvas St - The New Modern Canvas You Should Have [50% Promo]

Hey guys just wanna share some good stuff with you. If you are thinking of printing your photos and create a good canvas, you may consider Photobook's Canvas St. "Canvas St. offers you the surest way to having a captivating wall art. We provide an avenue for you to easily create and own a lasting piece of art. " Canvas St Pre Launch Event I've been to the gallery made available nearby Photobook Malaysia office to check out their canvas quality and it was great to see such good quality canvases printed and still has a very light weight. Moreover the prints are scratch and water proof thanks to their Durst Printing Technology. Canvas Size: 12" x 12", 12" x 24", 16" x 16" Man in the frame (24" x 24") Varies size of Canvas If you have enough budget to decorate your wall, you can actually customize all the canvas in different dimension. You can also customize the side of your canvas by includi