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Chatime 100 stores in Malaysia & Art Movement Collaboration with MB-BT

Chatime 100 stores in Malaysia + Art Movement collaboration [Makanlah Buah-buahan Tempatan] Have you tried out Chatime New Fruits Bubble Tea? If you haven't, go and try out the Honeydew Milk Tea and Pear Fruit Green Tea as they both taste great. Make sure you adjust the sugar level so that it meets your taste kay? So the other day I went to Publika for Chatime Malaysia event as I saw they did an art collaboration together for Makanlah Buah-Buahan Tempatan (MB-BT) Exhibition '13 . Really happy to see this and just wanted to check out artworks by Malaysia's well known artists and designers. It was held from 12-14 July 2013 @ Publika and honestly I don't know about this exhibition until I received the invite for this event. I hope that in future Chatime Malaysia will do a collaboration for photography arts as well. Perhaps let me travel to Taiwan or other countries to capture precious moments related to love story started with Chatime? That sounds fun =)

Chatime @ IOI Boulevard Puchong + Cute Marccus

It's been so long I never see Marccus ever since he went back to Penang for work. This time few of us gathered @ Chatime IOI Boulevard for "yumcha" and hanging out. Marccus got himself new dark frame sunglasses and the first question he asked was, "Do I look cuter?" *faint* haha So if you want to know about the environment of Chatime @ IOI Bouevard , I suggest you guys to come anytime but not during night. The drink is okay but the environment is too noisy at night ever since there is a pub/bar opened beside it. suggest you guys to add pearl so you won't finish your drink so fast(at least something to bite) and you can also adjust the amount of sugar you want ya. Say no to diabetics. Random bokeh featuring Marccus' fingernails. Tips for the guy: Girl will prefer a guy who can keep their hand and nails look clean. So don't keep your nails too long just because you wanna dig your nose like Phua Chu Kang. Here's the cute side of Marcc