Zouk 6th Anniversary - Mad Hatter's Party

Let me share something about anniversary event today. Last few weeks I was given passes to attend Zouk's 6th Anniversary with Mad Hatter themed. So all the attendees can wear their favourite cap for this event. Most of the crowds came in around 9 something and I am still waiting for friends. Sigh, that's why I dun like a double-guest pass.

Anyhow, below are the pictures taken during the events and I hope it manage to tell part of the stories.

The big Mad Hatter hat that was decorated on the big gate.

"Oooo nice hat!"

The open space is specially decorated with lawn grass and all the props looks so colourful and fantasy. Just that it is not nice to have a rain that make the land become so muddy.

The caterpillar that is evolving to a butterfly

David Lian was doing magic show outside of the club. The moment before the glass exploded

We all treated with ice-cream

Jezripe Fresh Fruit Ice-Cream

Inside the club, it was decorated too

Didn't know they do bring hats for the party, and this panda hat is the best of all. This is MsXeroz

This is Xeroz, yeah Msxeroz is his gf ;p

If you can't recognize her, she is the big cast in My Funniest Slurpee Video
Wern she is

You can see a few people wearing their own designed BIG hat plus costume. The Mad Hatter with threads all over his body.

A lady who has Lady Gaga's spirit - Outstanding with many expression

The 9 orbital sphere surrounding her head - The Sun

I guess this is the tropical themed hat

So basically what is the event about? it is Zouk's anniversary so there must be a remove-the-curtain-cermony.

Three of the King "rip-off" the cloth covering the sixth

There he go pop a champagne

A pict of the crowd. Saw the black guy with all kind of stuff dropped on his head? Bushes rock! =)

And then the event ended with three kings cheers and drink. That's all...That's all~!

We leave there afterward because there isn't much thing to do down there besides buy your self beers/Vodka/VSOP+++ talking shouting and dancing around.

Zouk cheated our feelings as the paper cannot be used since 10.30pm. I don't blame you for saving budget, but just don't give us empty promise kay? No one like to be cheated.

I gotta say the people there are really fast at removing the props, within just a while the number "6" is parked outside the hall.

Seems like this six is not sexy enough to stay in Zouk. Hope Seven will be!


Since we don't have enough from the party, we visited a place in The Palette [ Opposite IOI]

MUNCH Gastro Bierhaus

Before that we did some camwhore.
The Xeroz Couple

Me and Wern the cast for My Funniest Slurpee Video. DO VOTE FOR US IF YOU HAVEN'T~!

Come on VOTE FOR US =)
*Bo Beep Bo Beep*

Thanks Carlsberg to let me see the almost drunk Nicole aka MsXeroz ;p

We ha 5 different sausages and all taste different esp the one being covered by a "skin"

Last but not least, happy to hang out with you guys. yes I meant it. =D

Do vote for our video here just because Wern can be a good actor and good poser. Look she is so cute in the photo! Haha!


  1. ooo~ looks interesting! and tak sangka zuok tipu orang. XD

  2. Looks like you have a fun time at Zouk. How was the sausages at the MUNCH?

  3. [ButterCup]
    Haha ya la who likes to be cheated? Somemore on their aniversary =X

  4. [Sassy]
    The five sausages do taste unique and different. I just like few of them but it is a nice try =)

  5. [Wern]
    Hope this will develop your modeling career~! ;p
    Malaysia version's SNSD the Baboon world!


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