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Gary Chaw Album Promo+Sensation World Tour @ Low Yat Plaza

ourtesy of Spritzer Tinge , I won a pair of passes to see Gary Chaw 'Back In Control' Album promo Tour at Low Yat Plaza . Not as near as last time but close enough to snap some photos =) Arrived around 4PM ++ figured out the stage is almost ready and collected my passes from the Spritzer Tinge booth. This Zone A is exclusive for media, CSL Facebook Winner and Gary Chaw Friend Club members I was at Zone B but good enough that Gary came all the way from the stage and sing a song near Zone B. The moment Gary in the spot of flashlights. 曹格 - 刮目相看 close contact with his Malaysia's fans. Nice one! There were some interaction games for Gary with his fans. Grand prize winners will able to win CSL phone worth RM599++ followed by Tinge hamper. The fans from Gary Friend Club celebrate Gary 5th Anniversary with a cake on the stage. Does Gary shed a tear? The official launch of "Sensation World Tour 2011" with Gary Chaw, CSL and Spritzer Tinge There is a surprise for ever

Gary Chaw《Back In Control》曹格《曹之在我》大马记者会 [Sneak Peek]

Gary Chaw《Back In Control》曹格《曹之在我》大马记者会 Two years ago, when I just started blogging not long ago, I blogged about Gary's music 曹格-奈斯男孩 (Nice Guy) since I like his music. Until today, didn't know that I will have the chance to meet him in person! =D Thanks to Sony Music Malaysia , after attended Lim Yu Chun Music Showcase @ Lot 10 林育羣 【未来的第一站】音乐会 I am invited again to attend Gary Chaw's Press Conference in Malaysia . Woohoo XD My first time see Gary in person and can snap his photo so close =D Adrian Lim , CEO of Sony Music Entertainment presenting Gary Chaw a gift Today press conference obviously is to congratz Gary Chaw 曹格 came up with his 5th new music album - 《曹之在我 Back In Control》 . Actually this is also his first album, a new Gary with new music. 主打: 曹格 - 爷爷 MV - 曹之在我 "For Love and Peace - Gary Chaw" I would say today's Gary looks more positive than he was. Glad that he attend the press conference today although he was not feeling well. Appreciate! My