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35 Photos of Jayesslee Asia Tour 2015 - Malaysia @ City Harvest

Jayesslee Asia Tour 2015 - Malaysia  @ City Harvest Courtesy of Teark Records and Nuffnang , I got to witness YouTube Musician Jayesslee ,  the beautiful twins with angelic voice (which are now both mom) to perform live at City Harvest. At first I thought it will be inside a church but the set up inside there can definitely fit tons of people with great lighting for music showcase. I kinda like it =)  I was sitting at the side and not convenient to move around hence kinda challenging to capture nice photos from this angle. Anyhow, I really enjoy their performance because Janice and Sonia are both very compatible on duet and that night they even invited Jordan and Shane (their babies) up on stage for a song or two. I can hear the crowd go "Awww~so cute" the whole time when the babies were on stage haha. That night Jayesslee did a lot of music cover ranging from classic to latest song by Taylor Swift, including K-Pop Taeyang's Eyes.Nose.Lips. Most importantly


JAYESSLEE ASIA TOUR 2015 - LIVE IN MALAYSIA @ CITY HARVEST Following the success of their first headlining Asia tour in 2012 spanning 8 cities to sold out shows with more than 3,500 fans coming out to see them, Janice and Sonia are back with an exciting music line up. Jayesslee made YouTube history in 2013 by reaching 1 million subscribers and is Australia's number one most subscribed music channel. The Korean-Australian twin sisters who perform cover songs together started making music from their bedroom and posted their first video on YouTube in 2008. You will recognise the sisters from their viral hit cover of Tamia’s “Officially Missing You” , currently over 19 million hits. Continuing their success, the duo constantly produces their own version of hit songs, such as, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” which amassed over 41 million hits and Maroon 5’s “Payphone” with over 45 million hits. As part of their Asia Tour 2015, the dynamic duo will be bringing their impeccable m