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Kem Modal Insan Agro-Tourism Homestay (Melaka): Part 3 - Twilight Edward in the House

In the day we already had fun doing all the activity such as catch eel with bare hand, rubber tapping, hunt for durian +++ You can read Part II of my Melaka Homestay here . So at night after dinner we still have program at night. We went to a place nearby paddy field, and a large fish pond for people to fish. There is a stall selling foods beside the pond where fishing contest is going on. Here is the night view where we were there to see the performance. It is really cooling at night and relaxing when you listen to the insect "chit-chat" at night. Watch the video below to listen to the sounds of nature ;p "The sounds of nature in Kampung" People busy fishing at night to be the lucky one and win RM800. If you are a villager here, fishing is one of their main entertainment at night. That's how they spend their night. Just before we go the another place a person manage to get a big fish. It was then released back to the pond again after recorder its weight and