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2014 Christmas Decoration @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Shopping Mall: Sesame Street, Santa Christmas Tree & Dancing Snowmans

Sesame Street appeared at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur this Christmas Season!! Heyo guys!! Christmas is around the corner and everyone especially shopping mall and hotel has put up all their efforts in giving you the best Christmas Decoration in shopping mall 2014 .  Recently I went to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to hang out before a food review at Fuddruckers Malaysia in Lot 10. That quality burger that comes with a price. I will write more about that soon because today is all about the Christmas decoration in Pavilion KL Shopping Mall . I love the Santa Christmas Tree  that standing tall at the middle of the hall and there are dancing snow mans together with elf like dolls moving around. Best thing is I saw my childhood idol Sesame Street performed at the stage haha! 2014 Christmas Decoration @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Shopping Mall *updated with better song featuring Julia Westlin* Instead of just pictures, I've decided to do a quick video of the surrounding featuring Pavil