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Claypot Curry Killers 恨之入味 Sexy Thriller on Astro First Exclusive

Claypot Curry Killers 恨之入味 Thriller Movie on Astro First Exclusive starting from 10 Oct 2013 A scene of Debbie getting ready to torture her victim Astro Shaw Thriller | Drama Language: Mandarin | Cantonese Directed by: James Lee Shooting Format: Red CamDuration: 90 mins 2011 Claypot Curry Killers Synopsis  恨之入味简介: Set in present day Kuala Lumpur, the story follows a family of women serial killers, who operates a famous claypot curry restaurant in the Pudu area. The women are led by their mother Mrs. Chew who brought up all the three daughters into ruthless cold blooded butchers. The sisters comprises of the eldest Xi Xi, the more attractive of the three, Xi Yu the second who specializes in cutting and the youngest Xi Mei who’s still studying in college and learning the secret family trade. They lives and do all the butchering in their secluded large bungalow house. But when Xi Yu falls in love with Dr. Cheong, the whole relationship of the family is at stake.