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Summer Brothers 羽过天晴 Press Conference & Synopsis [Photos]

NTV7 Summer Brothers 羽过天晴 Press Conference “Summer Brothers” has everything an outstanding drama series should have including – amazing casts and exciting storyline – as the show will add on to the feel good celebration of ntv7’s 14th anniversary this year. Airing from 12 July onwards, every Monday to Thursday at 9.30 p.m. , Summer Brothers is a spin-off of popular drama series, Forget Me Not , which was aired last year. The 30-episode series will retain most of its casts from Forget Me Not including Golden Awards 2012 Top 5 Nominees for Best Actor, William San and Coby Chong , Best Newcomer nominee, Adrian Tan , Best Actress and Best Supporting actress nominee, Remon Lim , as well as the beautiful Jojo Goh . Favourite stars, Stella Chung and Johnson Low will also be making a comeback after a period of hiatus from the TV showbiz. Other casts include the talented and bubbly actress, Lim Jing Miao , heartthrob, Kyo Chen and ntv7’s Women’s Zone host, Mayjune Tan . Ad