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Redken's Hair Show @ Heineken Champions League Party

At last there is a post for event again! "The Romanesque Fashion Show" Prominent hair salons co-suported Redken in the event included Toyako Hair Group Salons, Johor Bahru and Salon esprit, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur. Continue from last post - A Night In Rome As usual I will post up a photo of Marion Caunter ;p She is the emcee And she is a singer. I know she can sing very well but I guess the sound system made her not so outstanding. Later on the Hairshow started 1. A skinny muscular guy That pose and dance Leading out all the girls All with different hairstyles 2. The bushy style 3. The wind-curl-style This one err... 4. Blown by strong wind at certain direction Here comes the Amber and Water 5. She looks fierce with the standing hairs 6. And here comes the guy with good physical body shape 7. Wanna collect some honey from the "bee hive"? 8. This is the unique-mushroom-head 9. And this is east-wind-blowing-hairstyle I like this one 10. Does it looks familiar

FHM 100 Most Wanted Woman [Preview]

ForHimMagazine [FHM] Malaysia organized this party "FHM 100 Most Wanted Women In The World" @ The Loft Free Carlsberg - "Nice One" Like the simple Black + Red Goodie Bag =) Caprice is there First time saw him didn't wear a cap The Chong Sisters are Top 1 Most Wanted Women for FHM 2009 They can pose well =D Somehow saw Amber Chia coming from front and my first response was "Hi Amber" Then she replied "Harlo" with a smile...~ XD Still remember my first time taking picture with her was @ DCIM Velocity Angel 2009 =) But this time... I was too happy till I forgot to take a photo with her! More picture in upcoming post ya~

職業性格心理測驗 @ My Career Character Psycology Test

分析:您的性格類型是「ISFP 」( 藝術家 ) 沉靜,友善,敏感和仁慈。欣賞目前和他們週遭所發生的事 情。 喜歡有自己的空間 ,做事又能把握自己的時間。忠於自 己的價值觀,忠於自己所重視的人。不喜歡爭論和衝突,不 會強迫別人接受自己的意見或價值觀。 ISFP型的人平和、敏感,他們保持著許多強烈的個人理 想和自己的價值觀念。他們更多地是通過行為而不是言辭表 達自己深沉的情感。ISFP型的人謙虛而緘默,但實際上 他們是具有巨大的友受和熱情之人,但是除了與他們相知和 信賴的人在一起外,他們不經常表現出自我的另一面。因為 ISFP型的人不喜歡直接地自我表達,所以常常被誤解。 ISFP型的人耐心、靈活,很容易與他人相處,很少支配 或控制別人。他們很客觀,以一種相當實事求 是的方式接受他人的行為。他們善於觀察周圍的人和物,卻 不尋求發現動機和含義。 ISFP型的人完全生活在現在,所以他們的準備或計劃往 往不會多於必需,他們是很好的短期計劃制定者。因為他們 喜歡享受目前的經歷,而不繼續向下一個目標兌現,所以他 們對完成工作感到很放鬆。 ISFP型的人 對於從經歷中直接瞭解和感受的東西很感興 趣 ,常常富有藝術天賦和審美感,力求為自己創造一個美麗 而隱蔽的環境。 沒有想要成為領導者 ,ISFP 型的人經常是忠誠的追隨者和團體成員。因為他們利用個人 的價值標準去判斷生活中的每一件事,所以他們喜歡那些花 費時間去認識他們和理解他們內心的忠誠之人。他們 需要最 基本的信任和理解 ,在生活中需要和睦的人 際關係, 對於衝突和分歧則很敏感 。 您適合的領域有:手工藝、藝術領域、醫護領域、商業、服 務業領域等 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "藝術家" aka "Artist " 喜歡有自己的空間 - That's why I have a blog now? :) 對於從經歷中直接瞭解和感受的東西很感興 趣 - Indeed, that's why I like to go new place try new thing and experience it myself. 沒有想要成為領導者, 對於衝突和分歧則很敏感 - I figure it out since I was

A Complaint Letter Written to UTAR. Looking forJob?

As an Alumni of UTAR, I would like to share an e-mail with my friends and juniors who are looking for job. Below is an e-mail that I received. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ Dear graduands and alumni, especially those who are still looking for jobs , This email may be important to you, please read on this letter written to UTAR by a " Group Manager from a chain of companies" . Although his comments might not be true about the majority of you, but would definitely jeopardise career opportunity of a lot of our garduates . " I am writing to you in response to the several interview I conducted with your former students for various position within our group of companies. I have never come across such ?interesting grooming? that set a very bad first impression to the interviewers. I wonder if you have any specific guidelines on student attire during interview as well as in your campus? I am sorry to have questioned both of you on this matter but let m

Belle @ KLCC PC Fair 2009

Hi everyone, I am back from SOS and will quickly update now ^@^" Perhaps you have seen this picture at previous post The Intel's Models Today post will only present you the promoters in KLCC Fair Year 2009 The first pair of promoters are spotted Lenovo Samsung Pink Asus Lumix Lumix lady at another hall One of my favourite Asus ladies again~ This picture is out of focus, but still can see how pretty they are right? And I presenting you 5 of the KingSoft promoters I was glad that they are willing to pose for me as previously they are standing resting behind the "cubicle". After they start posing, other cameraman also start snapping their pictures This is the SONY alpha's Model which sitting on a stage. Whenever there is someone try to snap her photo, she will smile If not, she will back to "Power Save" mode Maybe she haven't have her lunch?? XD Battery low!! Coincidentally met Tzia @ the PC Fair PDA booth As usual stunning ;p It is hard to notice r

DCIM Velocity Angel '09 @ Mid Valley [Grand Finale]

This is my best group shot :) The Atramendous, Decorous & Elegant Velocity Angels [Please click for larger view] This is the final show in the final round Rowena with her very smooth hair Justine with elegance Rachel still the cute one :) Fanni with the most simple pose~ Zeyi not squating this time XD Haha Eva I like her so much for looking here :) Second shot of Eva I consider this is one of my best shot~ The gown looks alive ! Normera the poser Charlene with the brightest happy smile Zoe looks confident Zoe on the Screen Whenever they are looking in front I will take the picture in the TV :) Chloe 's side shot Best look of Chloe ~ Here comes one of my favourite, Kimberly !! She looks like the Angelina Jolie that I have been searching for :) Will I know her in future? ^@^~ Kimberly 's dresses is the most attractive one~ Not forgetting Felixia The tall, confident,and good poser velocity angel :) Felixia with the sexy back The show has over and while we are waiti