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What Does Travelling Means To Me? #TSBreakAway

What does travelling means to me? What a good question #TSBreakAway asked on their awesome campaign. Yeah, I am going to share about what travelling means to me at this post and at the same time to grab a chance to improve my skills in many ways through travelling around Selangor.  I believe no one hate will hate travelling as it is something that we do to figure out a new place that we never been before and do something exciting that makes you happy and learn something new or even priceless. For me, travelling means a breakaway of me from the busy city life , travelling to somewhere that's closer to the nature and enjoy what has been ignored on this Earth. You need to climb through these big rocks to reach the 3rd hills of Broga Hill For example, I like to hike Broga Hill as that amazing sunrise view from the top of the hill always amazed me. It is the progress that makes me appreciating every bitter moments (tiring hike, mosquito bites, that moment when you run ou

Tourism Selangor #TSDAYOUT to Krabi, Thailand! Bye cat

Introducing the new cat that stay at the lobby of my condominium, his name is No-Tail and he got a brother named Got-Tail . So their names' short form are NT and GT . They are very playful and you can always see them in the morning/night . Hope they grow healthy like the other 4 puppies outside my condominiums and I will able to get chance to photograph them another time; The puppies still scared of me though =( Anyhow I am going for a 5 days trip to Krabi+Hatyai together with Tourism Selangor and fun peeps that no need to work on weekdays hahaha. Finally a short getaway from my recent video recording-editing spree. Hope I can get nice photos AND video footage through this trip!! *put up sun-glasses*  See you after 5 days GT and NT!! *Paw 5* Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog

MySelangorStory 2011 Winner Announcement @ Thai Express

MY SELANGOR STORY 2011 AWARD CEREMONY @ THAI EXPRESS, THE CURVE 3rd March 2012 Guest of Honor: YB Elizabeth Wong It was a sunny weekend and I was a bit late to arrive. Nigel was the first thing I saw, who was snapping photos around the event venue. (his flash gun++ haha) No one can beat his huge ass DSLR! Since last minute we were allowed to bring friends along. I brought along Wern and Nicole =D Wanna thank you both for always supporting me! Do you remember Nicole was the MSS2012 blogger who won "The Most Creative Awards"? She's back to blogging scene so drop by her blog! Blogging buddy checking out Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 own by Feeq . You can join this Samsung GALAXY Tab 7..7 Contest to win one now! My act-cute-scene accidentally being captured by Nigel Finger food being served by Thai Express Amelia Tan from Horizon Communications gave a welcome speech. Dian was giving some speech too while waiting for YB Elizabeth Wong's arrival. YB Elizabeth Wong arrived

MSS Day 2: Happy Knocking @ Royal Selangor Visitors Centre

Hi guys, at last I'm back with My Selangor Story blog post! =) Hope you didn't missed out my MSS Day 1 Stories about FireFly, i-City & UpTown Shah Alam [Be patience as there are tons of photos to load]. I was "zombified" after the fun trip but luckily today I managed to recover 70% of my stamina to update properly ;p The breakfast @ Carlton Holiday Hotel was so-so only but it is enough to help me survive for another morning =) A few bloggers found little cockroaches inside their hotel room, so do I! Therefore I hope Carlton Holiday Hotel will hire a pest control agency when they see this ya. No one like to sleep with this smelly creatures in the same room. Royal Selangor Visitors Centre @ 皇家雪兰莪 i s our destination after the breakfast. The first thing that catches my eyes is this huge tankard. It is recognized as the World's Largest Tankard by Guinness Books of Record. The Royal Selangor Visitor Centre is a 20 minute drive fro