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Samsung GALAXY Note 3 + GALAXY Gear Launch in Malaysia RM2,399 + RM999

The gorgeous models showcasing the brand new Samsung GALAXY Note 3 + Gear Retail Price for: Samsung GALAXY Note 3 RM 2,399 Samsung GALAXY Gear RM 999 Heyyo guys, if you haven't know Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Gear is launching soon in Malaysia starting 25th Sep. You can now pre-order at certain telco website and thanks to Samsung Malaysia I was invited to have a sneak peek of what they gotta offer today at Sunway Convention Centre. The launching of Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Samsung GALAXY Gear @ Sunway Convention Centre SO what's new about Samsung GALAXY Note 3?? The core new facts of Samsung GALAXY Note 3: The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is infused with a host of innovative features designed to make everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable to complete. The new S Pen , with the addition of Air Command , provides people with the ease of accomplishing tasks with just one click. With its 5 .7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display , the GALAXY Note 3 pro