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My First Helicopter Ride In Ranau, Sabah #throwback

My first helicopter ride in Ranau, Sabah It's been a while I didn't blog so I thought I should dig out some old photos from a random folder and just blog bout it. Looking at YouTuber @MRBenBrown enjoying his life travelling around the world with photography and video assignment on hand. It was a challenging but surely fun and interesting good life. So today I just want to share some photo taken through the helicopter flying in the air of Ranau Sabah. I was there two years ago for Astro Kasih SK Malinsau CSR Program , you can read more of it there. Got a video too~~

Khenobu x Lego Sam | Astro Battleground 2014 Final @ Mega Star Arena #throwback

Astro Battleground 2014 Winners Since I got photography assignment early morning in the weekend, I guess I will be missing the live final battle of Asian Battleground 2015 《亚洲舞极限2015》 ... but no worries as I will support Malaysia crews in this battle!! Below are some throwback photos taken during Astro Battleground 2014. This time featuring Khenobu and Lego Sam during their team dance and PK at the end.  The feelings of need to battle with brother for the trophy was really something that night. I still remember that.