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Motorsport Division | Bandar Sunway

Courtesy of BlupBlup , glad to have a chance to visit Motorsport Division(Bandar Sunway), a place where you can make your car looks nicer and awesome! Best of all your macho car can looks exactly like how you wish with Motorsport Division. Motorsport Division(MSD) supports car enthusiasts and provide services such as Exhaust System Upgrade, Engine Management, Carbon Fibre Product, Wheels / Rims, Sport / Racing Tyres, Body Kits, Engine Components (high cams, stroker kits, over size / forged piston), Racing Seats, Interior Accessories, Brake Systems, Cooling System (Aluminium Radiator, Intercooler), Fuel System (fuel pump, fuel rail, fuel regulator), Customized car Stickers / Body Vinlys, Super Charger, Suspension System and Turbo and many more. All cars in this blogpost are specially customized, upgraded, modified to the user expected level. Let see how nice they can looks like okay? Shining huge BMW like the Transformer Fire blowing exhaust pipe Sparkling sh