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Win Volkswagen Polo @ Call Me Tone-A-Thon Contest!

Win Volkswagen Polo @ Call Me Tone-A-Thon Contest!! Good news to people who likes music and share good music with friends! You can now get awesome Call Me Tones from The Cube and win awesome prizes including tons of cash and a brand new Volkswagen Polo!! VW Polo is a really nice car to have because I test drive it before and the experience was awesome~! Besides download the coolest hits from the biggest stars and entertain your callers, you should also join the Call Me Tone-A-thon and get as many Call Me Tones as you like! Give them variety and let your callers hear a different song every time they buzz you. You can even ask your friends to join in the Call Me Tone-A-Thon and see who has the biggest Call Me Tones collection (or whose collection is more awesome)! Don’t worry, The Cube have more than 4,000 songs for you to choose from. Call Me Tone-A-Thon Daily Cash Winners If that is still not a big enough motivation for you to join the Call Me Tone-A-Thon