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7 Reasons To Own A PENTAX K-S1

7 Reasons To Own A PENTAX K-S1 There has been many readers and friends who asked me to recommend which camera they should go for if they are new in photography especially DSLR. For me, every brand has their own entry-level DSLR for newbie and beginner in photography and today I would like to introduce this fancy DSLR by Pentax - the Pentax K-S1.   Nowadays people not only look at the capability of a camera, they also look at the beauty on the casing itself. If you are a fashionable person who love futuristic design on your camera gear, Pentax K-S1 could be the one. Now let see why you should own this camera: Pentax K-S1 Key Features: Newly developed CMOS sensor with approx. 20.12 effective megapixels LED body illumination indicates the current status of camera operation. Power switch LEDs stay green during still-image shooting, but change colour to red during movie recording 3.0-inch, high-resolution LCD monitor, and newly designed, easy-to-use GUI (Graphical user interfa