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Photos: Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia

Here are a few Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Malaysia photos taken by my long loyal compact camera Lumix FX-100. There you go: Very long time didn't use my compact camera already, but here are 5 lucky shot =) The first performance by Adam Lambert with his dancers @ Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil Not only he sing, he danced too! Adam Lambert's _____ was glowing that night lol No I mean his talent makes him really glow like a star! All in all, I can say Adam Lambert's live performance is super awesome ! His pitch is nearly perfect and never disappointed me at least =) Just imagine if he know my blog okay? lol Joshua received this paper while entering the hall. No offense, but I guess PAS's protest tonight has indirectly promoted the event? Tomorrow sure got people write about this. For people who really know Adam Lambert, they won't really care about his sexuality as he really have the talent! Kel Li was able to meet Adam in person. How great is that? Haha! =D *