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Wayne's Birthday Party @ Walnut Cafe & Bar | Puchong

Wayne's Birthday Party @ Walnut Cafe & Bar It was an evening where we celebrate Wayne's "18th" birthday at Walnut Cafe & Bar . We know each other better since we traveled to Philippines (featuring Legazpi and Batanes) together. Both of us like photography hence we appreciate each other even more. That's why I manage to get some nice travel portraits courtesy of him. Wayne was having his birthday party at Walnut Cafe & Bar and I gotta say the balloon decorations looks fascinating. The desserts bar and birthday cake? Awwww~ I hereby want to say happy birthday to Wayne and wish his wishes come true and have a wiser year! If you planning a small dinner/party in Puchong, do consider restaurant like Walnut Cafe. Below are some photos taken during the birthday party and I just want to share it out here. One should remember to hire professional photographers (or even videographer) to capture these moment kay? I hope this is one of the best birthday