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Understand What Men Want @ NTV7 Ep. 1 Review

It is said that women are complicated creatures. Have you ever thought that perhaps men are just as equally complicated and complex as the fairer sex? If not, this is a good opportunity for you to get to learn the wants, feelings and desires of the male gender when faced with all sorts of situations. Perhaps some would think that men can only relate to sexualised issues, but this myth will be debunked with ntv7’s latest reality series ‘What Men Want’ . Beginning 28th January, every Saturday at 10 p.m ., six men with completely different perspectives and personalities guide you through the intimate details of their lives as they pursue what they want in life. Behind (L-R) - Mai Fernandez, Content Supervisor, Tan Yin Yin, Producer, Airin Zainul, Group GGM ntv7 & 8TV, Ahmad Izham Omar, COO TV Networks, MPB & CEO Primeworks, Emilya Ab. Rahim, Brand Manager ntv72 From the producers of the award-winning reality show, "What Women Want" , this execution is a depa