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Harith Iskander's #LaughMalaysia Memang Terlalu Istimewa

Harith Iskander "To Know Malaysia is to Laugh Malaysia" @ Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil 29 Oct 2014 Courtesy of Nuffnang, I had so much laugh at Harith Iskander "To Know Malaysia is to Laugh Malaysia"  Stand up comedian together with Dr. Jason Leong and the naughty comedian Papa CJ all the way from India. I just realized that this whole show involved  Malay + Chinese + Indian Comedian =D *no racist yo* I really like how Harith Iskander end this show by promoting the real Satu Malaysia spirit. No matter what races you are, you are always Malaysian and there won't be needs to tick on which races you are in near future. #NuffnangXLaughMY #LaughMalaysia #HarithIskander

Do what makes you HAPPY =) - Froya

Adibah Noor @ Shout! Awards 2013. I love this captured moment of her. Looks so enjoy! I don't know if it is accumulated tiredness throughout the weekend or what, I did nothing much on Monday except rest and most of the timeeeeee..... I sleep. Just like above picture, I sleep like a king (in this case queen Adibah Noor) and feel really happy the next day. At least I feel less sleepy and went for a photoshoot with fellow blogger friends this afternoon. Today, a friend of mine wonder how did I manage to become who I am today - a fulltime blogger at . I've shared on how I got into this journey in my 'About Me' but he asked if I can share more details on how I achieve this level specifically. I don't know if there is anyone else who is interested with the story but it reminded me on how I change my career from a biotechnologist into a photo-blogger. I also couldn't believe how I did it but it happened. Everything happen so quickly that it h

Small Mission Enterprise - Malaysia 1st SME Sitcom on ntv7

Casts and crews of Small Mission Enterprise @ Private Screening Launch In mid of September I was invited to GSC’s Pavilion Kuala Lumpur for MALAYSIA SME ’s aptly titled Small Mission Enterprise (S.M.E) screening. Celebrities such as Azura Zainal, Ludwig, Xandria Ooi, Yuri Wong, Megan Tan and Cecilia Yong showed their avid support while cast members Baki Zainal, Ash Nair, Alvin Wong, Ruzana Ibrahim, Adibah Noor, Indi Nadarajah and the delectable Chelsia Ng enlivened the proceedings with their presence.  Dian Sharlin welcomed the guests to S.M.E premiere Emcee, Dian Sharlin welcomed guests to the premiere of Small Mission Enterprise (S.M.E) presented by MALAYSIA SME, a partnership that aspiring Davids among today’s sea of corporate Goliaths will appreciate the light-hearted approach taken by MALAYSIA SME when it comes to edutainment that isn’t condescending, dry and preachy.   Wayne Lim , CEO of MALAYSIA SME Wayne Lim , CEO of MALAYSIA SME delivered the

Libresse "Be Super, Be A Star" Music Video Contest Finale @ Laundry Bar

13th October 2010, was invited by Ruby to go along and attend Libresse "Be Super, Be A Star" Music Video Contest Finale @ Laundry Bar . Libresse celebrity ambassadors were all there too. Chong Sisters - Pamela and Vanessa Chong of Amazing Race Asia fame. Acclaimed entertainer Adibah Noor Talented young sing-songwriter Yunalis Zarai (Yuna) Faye Wong, Marketing Manager of SCA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn Bhd said that this campaign is to reach out to young women and music could be the best way to speak to the younger generation. Therefore, 20 lucky young Malaysian women who are voted as finalist of the Libresse "Be Super, Be A Star" Music Video Contest watched themselves in the specially produced Libresse "Super Something" Music Video . Grand prize winner, Azira Nur Bt Anhar , walked away with RM5,000 Siti Alia Aisyah Omar won the 2nd prize with RM 3,000 Ilya Nabilah won the 3rd prize worth RM 2,000 and remaining seventeen consolation prize winners walked away