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What the rakyat said about '12-years cap on life span on cars'?

So, recently a proposal mentioned that cars with lifespan over 12 years shouldn't be allow on the road as this will decrease the rate of accident on road by the faulty cars . According to 'Malaysian Insider' , Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein even mentioned that this won't burden owners with debt. Oh really?? First of all, I gotta say that thanks to my dad I am not in heavy debt with a car loan. I am now driving a car older than 12 years but it always in good condition with proper maintenance. Even PTPTN with just 3% of the silly "kos pentadbiran" already makes a lot rakyat in debt. I mean, how much do you actually need to pay to clear your PTPTN loan? A person with RM60k already need to pay a few hundreds just for that "Kos Pentadbiran" PS: If you just finished paying your PTPTN loan, make sure you got your release on loan or else you will be billed again for that "Kos Pentadbiran". You are highly advised to clear