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Worst Energizer Night Race 2011 Ever!! No Medals & Headlamps+++

Just came back from Energizer Night Run 2011 and I guess more than 80% of the participants have lots of comments. Too bad it is all complaints because of the "energetic" Energizer organizer. Problems of Energizer Night Race 2011 : RM10 parking. Legal/Illegal? Syndicate? Not enough headlamps Only one water station functioning instead of two. There was supposed to be water and sponging station at 2-3km but they only have it at 4 km Lack of direction by race marshals at finishing line. They are rude. Unorganized distribution of goodies bag. Only 2 collection counter with super long queue. They throw the goody bags to the crowd and closed down the pit door. Never fill in the goody bag with goodies earlier, they only do on the spot Not enough working staff at the cornering of the track which eventually cause a lot people crossing field using short cut. Not fair for people who are serious for the race WORST THING IS NO CERTIFICATION AND MEDALS FOR PEOPLE WHO FINISHED THE