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Taman Pertanian Malaysia: Four Season Garden - Late Spring

So here we are, after get ourselves tanned under the hot sun, sweating all over the body. It is time to cool ourself down when shooting lake scenery near the Four Season flower garden . Later then we went into the 7-12 degree Celcius flower garden. Basically this post is to share with you guys what flowers will blooms during late spring. Enjoy!! PS: If any of the picture look nice, mind noting down and leave a comments at below? All pictures are numbered =) 1 I am looking at you 2 We are not only twins! 3 4 5 6 The garden 7 8 Christmas Leaves 9 Tiny little 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Pure White 24 New Born 25 26 27 28 Flower is purple 29 Ange and me 30 Leaves and roots 31 This is how I do macro shot 32 Misty Xeroz Couple We stay inside till the garden close at 5pm. Aiks, how good if I having this garden as my home? It is so cool inside and yet so natural! Hope you guys can visit it anytime soon! ~~~~

Taman Pertanian Malaysia: The Lake

After we are done having fun rowing boat at the dam , we cycled back and wait for the bus to fetch us. We are all tired. Resting while waiting I like to capture natural face expression, especially a laugh from inside heart =D Between this is Xeroz @ ZiJian After taking the bus ride I have suggested them to visit the [Four Season House] Before that we snap nearby the lake, it is quiet and cloudy. YengYeng used her legs as the "tripod". See how flexible she is? Yoga did the job If I use HDR technique it would look nicer with more details =) The water is calm This is how far we stand apart from the bridge. That time I love my Lumix very much =D There were a group of friends snapping there too. With more proper tools [Tripod, Screen Filter++] to aid in snapping a nice scenary. F4 as in Female 4 with "Shan Cai" After that only few of us went into the "Four Season Temperate Garden" That time it was themed "Late Spring" a

Taman Pertanian Malaysia: Water Transport

After looking around and snap photos near the dam [quiet and calm], we looking around and found 2 boats at lake side. I remember it was 1 hour for RM8/boat but we stay on water longer than that. Let's "Row~row~row~your~boat"~! We don't know where it is but we just ride into Empangan Air Kuning Apparently there was a game going on called Gaming Hills Sungai Air Kuning Dam Apparently the water is not yellow anymore. Nicole is ...err...floating + climbing YengYeng, Nicole and ZiJian were going on their boat. Nice Posing =D Luckily the sun wasn't so hot so we decided to stay longer LiErn, Ange and me See how relaxing YengYeng was on the boat? Nicole became the "Pendayung". ZiJian became the Scenery Photographer. Since YengYeng wanna eat apple we use water transport to transfer to her ;p *MUST WATCH~!* The satisfied face after eating the apple =) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After getting uneven tan on our h