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Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia House Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid. #FearFactorMY

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia and House Roadshow Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid Remember the Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia & House Roadshow Challenge that I blogged about the other day? Yes I braced myself and get really ready to face any challenges that were prepared for us bloggers. The Fear Factor Challenge was held at Sunway Pyramid and most of the bloggers arrived early in the morning. Well, I was a bit late but not the last nyahaha.  Here's the fun peeps I met that day playing with my wide-lens for a great group photo! Daniel Chiam, Ying Ying , Jackie Loi , Joel Wong , Vince Gan , my supporter @ gf If you prefer to watch my photo stories in motion, just watch the video below: Fear Factor Malaysia Bloggers Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid Azlin Reza Azmi, Senior Assistant Vice President, Astro RIA channel - "Just keep calm and shout!" The Zon Fear Factor challenge is officiated with a speech by this beautiful lady from Ast

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia & House Roadshow Challenge - I Can Do It!!

Fear Factor is back in Malaysia with 30 celebrities in this season!! Coming this December 29th, Astro is bringing us Malaysia's very own Fear Factor Fearless Challenge that will test human's fears to their limits! Mental vs Physical. Which one is more important? I guess you might have seen a big guy who is afraid of cockroach. He might be doing great in keeping fit but he is really weak with his mind when dealing with crawling creatures. I for myself is the opposite, although I not really good in fitness, don't have six-pack and can't run far, but I may have a strong mental for this game!! I am not afraid of height, not afraid of water, not afraid of darkness, not even afraid of ghost haha (because I haven't seen any in my life yet...) Catch eels with bare hands  Since I can catch eels with bare hands, I think I can handle with snakes, I think.....Haha I've face the fear of height by doing bungy jump at Sunway Lagoon: No. 66 was my lucky