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The UFO At Sungei Wang Plaza

I believe if you are active in cyberspace you must have heard about the UFO recently appear in Malaysia right? A cube shape UFO that appear in Penang, KL and everywhere! Last Sunday I have spotted the UFO that landed at Sungei Wang Plaza. See? The UFO was there to listen to SodaGreen's music ! Those people wearing green shirt are the Sodagreen fans =) I guess it is already revealed that the cube-like UFO is actually a huge advertisement by Nokia. There will be a new Nokia mobile phone launched in few more days by looking at the counter. Find their news on twitter by looking for tweets with this tag #comeswithmusic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sodagreen's post is coming up soon as I just processed the whole batch photos (2,000++). Now need to pray at Maxis Broadband to give me a stable internet connection as I want to upload all!! =) I am buying a D90~! D90 + Kitlens = RM 4,200 expensive or not? Not sure it includes free Nikon Bag, Memory Card or Scree