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Younger Yesterday, Older Today, Older Again Tmr!

Hello all, today Dec 31st,2009 is my 23rd birthday! I was 22 yesterday, and 23 yo today! Then after tomorrow it would be 24 yo already. Hmmph, I grow 2 years older in two days~! Yesterday had a celebration with a group of friends and I would like to thanks them on behalf of James too! Thanks again! I was surprised to see some guests too =) So what is my new target for a brand new year? Thanks everyone who happen to get into my life and I appreciate for meeting everyone! Thanks my blog readers too for the continuing support. Maybe I should organize some birthday giving contest on my blog as an appreciation? Come come send in your suggestion! As for what I want in coming years. Here is my Top 5 Wish list . Get an alternative income through er...blogging? Just hope that I can get a job that is not fix at 9-5 and more freedom to travel here and there! I have a confession to make, I reach my puberty quite late so my mind is till not mature enough. Therefore, if you feel that my post /

PFHS 96th Anniversary [Part III] - Ultimate Night Performance

After visited all the cartoon themed classroom which some are well decorated , we all went back home took a rest then back to Pay Fong again. I don't wanna miss their Night performance which is unique and different every year! Before that we[ SoonYi, YongKuan] went to have dinner @ Hallmark Cafe This is the magician SoonYi PS: If you want your face looks thinner and longer like him, open mouth a bit while snapping photo. Here is my dish, tasted "so-so" only. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After dinner we went in the hall and something makes me like the night performance much much more. The event start very punctual and I am happy with that =D Good job juniors! Below will be only photo streams as arts is not easy to be described in only words [What an excuse! Haha] The emcees Plus Melaka Historical Symbol - Baba Nyonya 's Emcee Both of them are dare to do it! The night performance always start with Chinese Orchestra Then with some dance performance - The Fan

PFHS 96th Anniversary [Part II] - Classroom Decoration

Let's continue on my high school anniversary, you can read Pay Fong High School 96th Anniversary - Part I by clicking it. Today I would like to share about how my juniors decorated their classroom along with this event. There are many classroom nicely decorated and I will share with you all some that I like. I like the my current school environment. First of all, Patapon ! I like their cute characters and avatar plus this is a nice PSP game too. I remember I used to say I wanna buy PSP just for this game, but something more important hold me to spend on it ;p Inside one wall of the classroom It just so colourful for me and I like the four "buttons" most (Don, Chaka +++) Next, Happy Tree Friends - A cartoon that is full with blood+pain/death but sometimes it is funny at certain level. The 3D crazy candy lover named Nutty Oh, spotted "KingKong" a.k.a. YongKuan climbing on Eiffel Tower Next the Sushi House They are all cute handicraft =) In the simple and long