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Crab Factory @ SS2: 3rd Anniversary Celebrations & Seafood Promotion

Grab the fresh seafood and enjoy it till finger licking good @ Crab Factory SS2 The most recent blogger gathering was an awesome seafood galore at Crab Factory @ SS2 . Other than bloggers friends, social media influencers and buddies were there too. It has been a long time since our last chit-chat session, and having fresh seafood at Crab Factory is never dull with these bunch of awesome buddies. We tried many dishes including their Large size crabs, French Brown Crab, Fresh Prawns, Scallops and Mussels and many more that keep us occupied throughout the night. Since at Crab Factory, you are obligated to eat with your bare hands (it is tastier and you can feel the heat haha), bloggers like us gotta frequently wash our hands before able to take photos of the dishes. Well, I skipped washing hands because my bro SaiMatKong willing to share his food photos with us haha. Thanks to Simon you've got some nice food photos below to salivate to! In conjunction with their

Clive Magazine 2nd Anniversary with Sexy Cover Girls | Zouk Club

Okay after a very long wait here comes part of the photos selected from my photo album. 30th of July 2010 is Clive Magazine 2nd Anniversary @ Zouk Club KL and I would say I went there earlier compare to last year Clive's Magazine 1st anniversary . I still remember Mynjayz get tons of condom because they have Care Condom company as one of the sponsors. This year Clive 2nd Anniversary I saw some familiar faces cover girls of Clive Magazine Malaysia. Bimba Fonseka-Dewar, Stefanie Chua, Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen, Elvanna Raine, & Sarah Lian Met John Lean at the event because he was working with RedFM =) Do visit his blog for automotive blogging niche. This is the night view of KLCC outside Zouk Club before the sky turn darker Alex, Samuel and LCK were there to join the fun~! The goodie bags awaiting us Familiar faces event showgirl that let us play the Wii Game to get a chance win free Travel Trip. Too bad I don't have Wii to practice earlier, or else I would have won~! T

Zouk 6th Anniversary - Mad Hatter's Party

Let me share something about anniversary event today. Last few weeks I was given passes to attend Zouk's 6th Anniversary with Mad Hatter themed . So all the attendees can wear their favourite cap for this event. Most of the crowds came in around 9 something and I am still waiting for friends. Sigh, that's why I dun like a double-guest pass. Anyhow, below are the pictures taken during the events and I hope it manage to tell part of the stories. The big Mad Hatter hat that was decorated on the big gate. "Oooo nice hat!" The open space is specially decorated with lawn grass and all the props looks so colourful and fantasy. Just that it is not nice to have a rain that make the land become so muddy. The caterpillar that is evolving to a butterfly David Lian was doing magic show outside of the club. The moment before the glass exploded We all treated with ice-cream Jezripe Fresh Fruit Ice-Cream Inside the club, it was decorated too Didn't know they do bring hats for t