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Hoobastank Twin Towers @live 2011 Kuala Lumpur [Photo]

After sharing Wondergirls Twin Towers @live 2011 Kuala Lumpur photos , it is Hoobastank turn! This band is really energetic especially Doug Robb the lead vocals. Manage to get a few good photos of him on stage. Not saying Dan Estrin & Chris Hesse not cool of course =) Enjoy the photo fresh from my camera =D Eye contact from Doug Robb the lead vocals of Hoobastank Dan Estrin @ Hoobastank Another eye contact shot of Doug Robb @ Hoobastank Dan Estrin @ Hoobastank Dan Estrin @ Hoobastank When the light turn purplish pink on Doug Robb Hoobastank Wonder what is it on the instrument. Is it a lucky charm for Dan Estrin ? "I can't hear you!!" Thanks @RahulOBS for bringing Hoobastank down for the show tonight. Congratz! "Do you want some more?" More photos will be updated from time to time. Do come back for more photos and Like this post! Ohya, because I forgot about I can only cover the first two song. Kinda miss the chance to snap more photos of other membe