Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair in Malaysia Books Record [Sneak Peek]

Just a little sneak peek about today's Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair organized by Nuffnang at TimeSquare. The belle above are ladies who help us get less sweat by spraying Gatsby Perfume Deodorant for us.

All bloggers and guest who attended this event has successfully set a record in the Malaysia Book of Records for the 'Largest Gathering of Bloggers' during the Street Fair!

So how many bloggers gathered here today?

Mr. Chin Choon Keng, Mr. Kuniyuki Ota and Mr. Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam who have a happy smile. I am sure Timothy is very happy for what happened today as he is smiling along the whole day. Wait, which day he is not smiling? =D

The official opening of Gatsby Street Fair *peep peep*

What is the game that makes MsXeroz that look so exhausted? There are so much game for us to play and the game-points that we won can be used to redeem various kind of Gatsby Product! Yay!

Today is a humid day so we can't resist to get a huge cup of Slurpee to cool us down. If you haven't know I have recently took part in Slurpee Funniest Video Contest together with my friends. You can join it too!

I now presenting you the main cast of The Amazing Grace! She is a nature actor. *you will know once you've watch the video*

Have you tried Three-Flavored-Slurpee? You can now get it at TimeSquare's 7-11

Okay, I bet most of the readers who reading this post are Nuffnangers or bloggers who is active in the blogsphere. Therefore hereby I would like to get your support by watching the video that me and my friends have made. *It is good for us helping each other right?*

The Amazing Disgrace -My Funniest Slurpee Video

Did the video made you laughed? Please tell us you do as we would like to gather the power of bloggers and hope you can help us win a travel trip [Redang, Tioman, Langkawi or no where?] by voting for us here! As a return, I am organizing a giveaway of FREE Body Treatment by My Body Secrets.

Today there are more than 500 bloggers who attended Gatsby Street Fair, so I wish it won't be hard for us to get 100 more votes from the kind bloggers and readers like you. So do vote for us! We really appreciate for your support kay? I promise I will do better in rewarding the big group of supporter!


  1. oh u were there too? tak nampak u.. too many ppl.. :D i was there too :)

  2. [Merryn]
    Yes I was there =) More than 500 ppl in there, hard to spot each other one =D Unless I wear hat like Niki Cute. Haha

  3. [Wern]
    Haha don't hide, just remember to update your blog =D

  4. [Nikel Khor]
    Thanks Nikel =) Hope you can get your friends to vote for us too!

  5. Yeah sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I was there but was stuck in NZ. Good to see the photos!

  6. [HuaiBin]
    Hope everything is fine for you =)
    Look at the brightside~!


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