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Clash Royale - Best Battle Deck for Arena 6/Arena 7

Clash Royale - Best Battle Deck for Arena 6/Arena 7 Ever since I started playing Clash Royale on my phone, I have somehow abandoned my Clash of Clan base which I built for years. Why? Because Clash Royale is so much easier and straight forward but still challenging at the same time. The cards that you choose for your battle deck is the most crucial part to win the battle. I am here today to share my TOP THREE BEST BATTLE DECK to help you conquer Clash Royale Arena 6/Arena 7 . Let'shave a look at my winning battle deck for Arena 6/Arena 7.

Friendster - A Fun Gaming Social Platform!

How do you expand your social network and make friends from people all around the world?? It was made possible with current technology and of course a good social networking website. Life is never fun without games, therefore if you like to play games, especially if you want to have a fun gaming time with new friends, Friendster is the place for you to be! I was at the Apartment KLCC with a few more awesome bloggers for the relaunch of Friendster, as the new social platform with exciting games awaiting you. Iris, TC, CikLilyPutih, RabiatulAdawiyah, Nikel Khor and Joshua Ong together at the relaunch of Friendster The skinny & pretty MC of the event *hello* Pioneering social networking site, Friendster officially announced its redesign as a social discovery and gaming platform that offers users a unique experience which enables social discovery, games and rewards in Malaysia today following its global launch in Manila in April 2012. Mr. Ganesh Kumar Bang

HALLS ShockVille Fun Flash Game & Contest!

I still remember during My Selangor Story blogging marathon everyone was exhausted and tired during the trip because we had too many things to explore at once. We all ended up becoming Sleepyheads. Yeah 2 sleepyheads and 4 soon-to-be-sleepyheads. We al ended up having a goodnight sleep like this polar bear and didn't wanna wake up early the next day... If only there was something to wake us up! Recently I found out this fun game to play with Facebook - HALLS Shockville So far this is one of the most impressive flash games that I've played and I am getting addicted to it already. All I have to do is to shoot HALLS Candy to make the citizen awake. Damn nice shooting game ar =p Not only that, I am aiming to win cash prizes up to RM15,000 and lots of weekly prizes including PS3, iPad and more!! Another good reason for me to stay addicted to this game =p You can actually unlock certain powers to help you get higher scores =D All you have to do is get 4 different flavours of HALL

I Like "KFC Tucky Tucky" Facebook Game!

Today would like to share a cute game on Facebook. I do like cute stuff especially something like Patapon =D Good to see that Malaysia KFC manage to create this such cute game: KFC Tucky Tucky (Tucky2) Now I can go hunt Onions And kill some chicken to cook a nice Ginger Chicken Soup I can even kill a Crocodile with just a snap~! Lol *Tadaa~!* Woohoo really addicted to this game now. If I am not wrong the Gold Coin that I earn through this Facebook Game can exchanged to Snax Point. Which eventually can change to real KFC meals~! Will share more about this adorable flash game after I manage to get a Snack Plate to eat ya! If you are interested, please go and play this game now~! Click me: KFC Tucky2