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RM5,000 Shop for FREE with TALK-A-THON!!

I like retail therapy but going on a shopping splurge can cause damage to my wallet... *dilemma* How great if I can go shopping for FREE without draining my wallet right? I usually shop for my T-Shirts from Brands Outlet and sometimes do go and try out some other clothes at different outlet. For example, visited Wranglers at Sunway Pyramid for their checkered shirt: *Testing out the shirt and jeans at Wrangler* What would you feel if someone gives you a FREE shopping ? That’s right, a session to shop till you drop and you don’t have to worry about going broke! Imagine being all dressed up in the latest collection from Topshop and Forever 21, or having a living room set from IKEA. Already daydreaming about it? Don’t just picture it, you can have it! If you are on XPAX, U.O.X. or S.O.X. , your dreams of going on a shopping spree and grabbing these fantastic stuff (plus more) might just come true! Join the TALK-A-THON and you could be shopping for FREE! You just have to talk. It ma