Wonder Girls At LG Technology Design Centre | F1 Grand Prix

Courtesy of LG Malaysia, me and a few bloggers were given a chance to catch Formula 1 Race live at Sepang.
My first time to attend F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix at Sepang.

Guess what, a grand stand ticket is priced at RM2,600.00!! I don't know it will cost so much to watch F1! However if compared with F1 at other country, RM2,600 is considered cheapest already. It was a sunny Sunday. Luckily no rain =)

Met a new blogger named Kenji, he has a blog with absolutely nice photos. Do visit! =)

We had a warm welcome by the LG staff and she is one of our tour guide along the whole day.

Transport was provided and off we go to Sepang by taking a bus with cool air-conditional service. The journey from KL Hilton to Sepang is quit far, so I took a nap before we reach there. Reminded that the traffic is super jam in the afternoon.

"Welcome to Sepang International Circuit"

We were broung to LG Technology Design Centre for their exclusive exhibition of LG new products with beautiful design.


You will able to see the 3D effects on the TV by wearing a 3D glasses. In my opinion is to have better design of the glasses. However, I think the 3D effects is great.

You see how thin is the LG LED TV? Can hang at anywhere or even put in a luxurious bus/bedroom.

There are beautiful models that presenting LG new mobile phones with a cat walk.

LG Crystal with crystal clear keypad

Brand new LG Watch Phone with built-in bluetooth

The model always present with a bright smile

One of my favourite - LG Lollipop. I have write a post about LG Lollipop at LG blog. Click here

Total have six models, who is your favourite?

You can play games at the Technology Design Centre to win some LG merchandize. For example, Transformer hat.

Me with a few lucky bloggers selected to join this trip.
Tag: Ms Seow, Jonathan Yip, Bryan Lim, Alan Lim and myself

See the Life's Good Race Car. Almost everyone is taking picture with it.

Big guy waiting for the kids to finish their race game. Enjoy playing the racing video game with LG wide screen TV.

Didn't forget to grab my chance to take picture with one of the pretty models. In my opinion she is the prettiest among others.

Do you know washing machine is also one of LG household product?

Not forgetting the fridge =) We were treated with ice cool drinks! This is great especially when dealing with the hot weather.

What;s the best damn thing? You get to have LG cool air-con blowing on you. Even the kids also like it much!

We can redeem the Kangaroo Wireless TV to watch the F1 race and it is all free of charge! Thanks Ms. Seow for lending her Credit card as guarantee.

There are some booths selling F1 merchandise. But I gotta tell you the price is not cheap.

Jet planes are flying around in the sky doing their show. Kinda loud when it's getting near you.

We were treated with free lunch too. Thanks again to LG. [All foods and drinks selling in F1 Grand Prix is expensive, so remember to bring your own water if you want to save some money]

LiChin and me. My impression on her is artsy and generous @ 豪爽

Two tough lady who is always taking care of us under the sun. Thank you!


Okay, I guess that's all for today. Next coming post I will share about what I saw at the F1 Grand Stand! All F1 Racing car gets together. How they prepare on the route. At least it is some first time experience that I ever get to see right?

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Life's good~!


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