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A cool solution for going online with multiple gadgets and tips on how to win FREE tablets!

Here are some of the gadgets that I have but all need internet to become helpful Since I got my first smartphone, I've start using data plan on it as I need mobile internet for email, Facebook, Twitter and of course Instagram!! I try to post at least once on Instagram/day. But sometimes it is not enough as now I have tablets and other gadgets that need WiFi to function well. [You do know that smartphone is not smart any more if they can't connect to the internet right?] What's more when you have so many gadget to use at the same time!! #justkidding I don't use all of it at the same time, maybe just 2-3 at one time.? Haha!! *one for work, one for game on tablet and one for cousin to play another game!!* Free WiFi at cafe like Starbucks sometimes doesn't work well I am not sure about you guys but I find it frustrated to find 'Free' WiFi from the cafe/restaurant I visit. Sometimes their WiFi has become wonky and I can't surf the internet even i