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#BERSIH4 - My Photography Journey @ Dataran Merdeka, Masjid Jamek & Bukit Jalil

#BERSIH4.0 - My Photography Journey @ Dataran Merdeka , Masjid Jamek and Bukit Jalil "Prime Minister Najib Razak has become embroiled in a scandal involving state fund debts and allegations of deposits totaling 2.6 billion ringgit paid to his bank account. Razak has denied any wrongdoing. Thousands of people gathered to demand his resignation and a new general election." Yesterday Bersih Rally was a peaceful journey for all Malaysians except the firecrackers incident. I am glad that the culprit has been caught and this time everyone is safe!! Below are a series of photos taken during my trip to Masjid Jamek and Dataran Merdeka from Bukit Jalil LRT Station. Since the Merdeka celebration has been moved to Bukit Jalil, you can see the crowd coming in to celebrate Merdeka. After comparing the crowds, they came for different purpose. At Bukit Jalil, they were there mostly with families to celebrate Merdeka day with live music and fireworks at 12am; At Dataran Merdek

My View On The Yellow Sea at #Bersih4.0 Dataran Merdeka - 30.8.2015

 The Yellow Sea at #Bersih4.0 Dataran Merdeka 30.8.2015 Captured through the window of the moving LRT Just got back from the street photography of #BERSIH4.0 at Dataran Merdeka and Masjid Jamek area tonight. The crowd is definitely huge and it was hard to move around when I arrived at night. Decided to drop by this place quite last minute as it was raining in KL. Anyhow, I am glad I've made it to capture some precious moments of this event which happened in Malaysia. When I reached Masjid Jamek LRT Station the whole place was crowded already, it was not easy to move around. Some of them sitting on the floor focusing on the truck which has speakers giving speech and some just move around trying to reach Dataran Merdeka.  I gave up trying to reach Dataran Merdeka as I know it is totally full with people in yellow shirts. Hence I decided to leave around 11.30pm by taking the LRT and this is what I saw when the LRT moving from Masjid Jamek to Bandaraya. The view was astoni

Nice #Bersih 3.0 Video Same Day Edit

Bersih 3.0 - Group of police kicking a guy helplessly on the floor 28th April 2012, a day has been historically marked down for #Bersih 3.0 . Have read the news about the police car run over the crowd, people get injured. Police confiscate the reporter's camera gear for snapping photos of them being violent. Tear gas canister launched directly to the crowd and hit somebody. Today's Bersih 3.0 should be a peaceful event. However, there were some people who were over reacting and made the riot started [Or vice versa]. You can read the note written by Asohan Aryaduray , this is what I thought too. I feel weird that why would parent bring their children to the place where things like this would happen. This will not only endanger yourself but also your family members. Be considerate! I hope that the people out there today is fine without any further injury. Here's a video I find it nicely edited for Bersih 3.0. Have a look: Bersih 3.0 Same Day Edit by lumierasia PS: You can

Malaysia #Bersih 2.0 Marching On

The differences "12.45pm: Dataran Merdeka - Police have fired tear gas at a group of protestors who are marching towards the area. The tear gas cannisters landed near the Bar Council building. This group is believed to have marched from the former KTM headquarters nearby. The crowd is estimated at 1,000 people. " - MalaysiaKini Hope no one get hurt further as a student was hit by a tear gas cannister. Tian Chad Tian Chua was arrested at KL Sentral "12.40pm: Official police update: As of 12 noon, 441 people have been arrested - 421 males and 20 females. 1.15pm: Official police figures - 514 arrested. 478 males, 36 females. 5.34pm: PDRM Facebook - As of 3.30pm, a total of 924 people have been arrested." "We're Marching on" no matter how we look OneRepublic - Marchin On "We'll have the days we break, And we'll have the scars to prove it, We'll have the bonds that we save, But we'll have the heart not to lose it. " &a