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Xpax Christmas & New Year Smartphone Sale!

[Sponsored Post: Please scroll down for latest update ] "Which SmartPhone Should I get?" , ever got this question stuck in your mind? Well, lets have a look at the video below. It show the common questions that people would ask when they want to get a smartphone. LG Optimus One that run on the latest Android platform 2.2 [Click here for the Phone Review] Surprise!! Actually not only LG Optimus One on sales now. Xpax is having a BIG SMARTPHONE SALE now including BlackBerry Smartphone Family(Curve, Bold, and Torch), Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nokia C Series, Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 ! Go to for more details. HOW CAN YOU ENJOY AWESOME DISCOUNTS ON NEW PHONES & DEVICES? It’s simple! All you gotta do is start using your phone – the more you use, the bigger the discount you’ll enjoy! Firstly you have to be an existing Xpax, U.O.X., or S.O.X. member For every RM10 that you use, you will earn 1 ‘token’ . Collect tokens and redeem them for discount vou

LG Optimus One with Android 2.2 [Phone Review]

Thanks to LG Malaysia , I've got a chance to review LG Optimus One [LG-P500] , the Android 2.2 (Froyo) Smartphone. My first time to get in touch with Android, the little green robot. All I know about Android is that it is an OS developed by Google and OHA. In just less than 3 years, Android has been developed so much till there more than 105,000 apps available on Android Market. I believe when I am writing this post the number has been increased dramatically =) LG Optimus One has sleek design where it curved at the side. The soft touch coating is warm to the touch and does not mark. So you don't need to keep wiping the phone because of thumbprints. There is a microSD Card slot (2GB microSD given) where you can install all the apps and keep your music/video. It can support up to 32GB microSD . The 1500mAh battery provides longer function hours even when your phone is using 3G Data Plan. Or you can switch it to EDGE to save the power and for longer usage =) What is

Celcom Launch with LG Optimus 7 and Early Bird Promotion!

[Sticky Post: This post will remain as first post for 48 hours, please scroll down for more updates] Celcom has selected and offered to seven of its loyal windows customers this latest Windows Phone 7 -LG Optimus 7 device from LG, retailing at RM 2,099, for FREE ! These lucky subscribers are Abdullah Nordin, Azalee Abu Hassan, Dzuraidah Nordin, Saw Leng Ghee, Tan Hock Yee, Tan Teck Meng and Wern Poh Fah. In conjunction with the launch, Celcom is offering special price of RM777 to first 150 customers who register online via Celcom's website ( ) from 24th November onwards . So better act now if you wanna get this phone at RM777 instead of RM 2,099. PS: You can scroll down to bottom for more Celcom deals if you missed this one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arrived just in time for this event and there are already people hands on LG Optimus 7. Not only you can try the LG Optimus 7 , but also LG Optimus One too~! There is a briefing about L