Sodagreen Music Concert @ Sungai Wang 苏打绿 夏/狂熱 音樂會

Woots now only I share about Sodagreen's Music Concert @ 苏打绿 夏/狂熱 音樂會 happening at Sungai Wang, Malaysia. Hope I am not too late sharing the photos and video =)

Firstly, thanks WenHong for the ticket

This guy already testing the music instrument since 3PM when I arrived Sungai Wang

Then the Nokia UFO is just beside the stage. They succesfully create a hoax during that time

Has been queuing up since 4pm/5pm. The sky was sunny

Since nothing to do, I try to spot some good looking passerby, wtf

This is Ah Wee a fans of Sodagreen

And we make new friends while queuing up

You can buy CD on the spot

Or write wishes for all Sodagreen member

The fans are so good at create this handmade card!

Another group photo, this time I am inside =D
My hair was still yellow that time

At last we are allowed to get into the small space.

Then people start looking outside on the bridge

Tada, they are coming in that car!

My FM Royce found somebody's skarf on the stage

The sky starting to rain, thank god my friend got bring umbrella!

Noticed a trendy Taiwanese girl checking the sound system

Here comes Sodagreen on stage. Royce interviewed them

Ah Fu being interviewed

Then they start singing~!

QingFeng 青峰 accompany us shower under the rain

The pretty and handsome guitarist

The fans celebrated "YaFang's" 雅芳 Birthday, haha! A very feminine name given to him

Then a group photo~!

Then we continue sing along

Suddenly Ah Fu's Guitar string break off

But he continue perform

XinYi start throwing the poster

And she is kinda surprise she can throw that far , haha

XinYi is sharing what she think and QingFeng asking us to be silent, wakaka

Jia Kai @ YaFang laughed

Afu also while wiping his guitar

I kinda like this picture coming out from my compact camera

I smelled somethign burning and keep wonder if it come from this spotlights

Later then I dun care cos he is singing damn good =D

I still remember this moment where we can "order" song. Keep shouting along with other fans. *happy + memorable*


The concert end with us the fans having their signature and hand shake with all of them. They are super friendly =)

I think this is a Astro Entertainment interview given by the girl with mic. This could be my first time appear on TV Screen. Kinda funny.

Ok la last photo from this music concert~! I actually took tons of photos and couldnt really upload all on this blog post. So do hope by my blog fan page here for more Sodagreen photos~!

Cheers everyone! Hope I didn't make you get bored with my picture stories =S


  1. tc.. i wonder their electric guitar can play under rain? wont get shock??

  2. [嵐くん]
    Haha a very memorable moment =)

    [Raymond Choo]
    Can, it is safely protected from the rain and they are under a shelter


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