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Gorgeous Fitness @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

10.10.10 is a special day for lots of the loving couples to get one step further in their love life. The memorable wedding. So... next year 11.11.11 will have a bunch of new married couples too? Actually 10.10.10 is also a good day for Gorgeous Fitness's Grand Official Launch. That day everyone including friends and family were welcomed to visit Gorgeous Fitness at Bandar Puteri Puchong and have a look at what kind of gym equipments, facilities and service they provide. By looking at the speed of food being emptied, can say whole day long lots of people visited Gorgeous Fitness. Here is a wider view of gym equipments located at Ground Floor. Supreme 7100 - These are some of the brand new treadmills So basically Gorgeous Fitness Bandar Puteri has total 4 levels: Ground Floor - Reception, Consultation, Tanning Saloon, Gorgeous Boutique 1st Floor - Gym Lounge, Classes, Changing Room 2nd Floor - Free Weight, RPM Room, Boxing Ring 3rd Floor - Kidsroom, Treadmill, Office, Studio

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Harlo, this is recent me - TianChad I've been thinking of how I would like myself be in 3 years time. Either on career, relationship, and even my health condition . In career I hope that I can do something that is special but not the usual 9-5 job, which is why I spend more time on blogging and photography. You can see that I am blogging more recently these days cos I am trying to turn it as my possible career! I would like to introduce my new photography blog too - TianChad's Photography . It would be great to get your comments/critics so I can improve in anyway! If you need bloggers for event/photography, do contact me ya!! You can hep me achieve my dream~! Since I am still working hard on my career, I don't really think about having a relationship yet (unless I met someone special than I can't resist). I, myself always think that be in a relationship involve so many thing, especially responsibility ! =S As for my health, I think myself is too skinny and weak at c