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RedNinja.TV Seminar by ruumz & P1

This happened early in April last year (2010), at last I wanna share this event today. Redninja.TV is a photography seminar which co-organized by ruumz and P1 during the time they are promoting the photo printing service at . That time already started this AIDSAware Campaign Have you support it ? I did. It is time to know more about AIDSAware Perfect lighting for portrait shoot =D Familiar face? =) This is Wiki Lee from Photo Expression (Australia) to give a talk regarding his coming photography seminar =) In short, he shared some tips about photography especially on how to handle client, reason why their service are not cheap +++ After what I listened I reprocessed the message and become this: "Be who you are, unique, once found the niche/market, keep it. Everything comes and goes with a trend, so predict it and execute it ahead from everybody." Above rules can be applied on both photography and blogging, or even your business~! =) My photography motto is &q

P1 Wimax 4G Superheros Revealed Before 221010!

Wondering what will happen on 221010 about P1 W1max's Superheros ? is here to reveal the news first before the days come. Because I just acquired the Teleport ability from Hiro Nakamura and went back to the future! Introducing Super Broadband Kid Campaign - "Getting Stronger, Wider and Faster by the Day" . The kiddos getting stronger with the legendary sword, wider with the magical wand, and faster with the F1 Race Car. Mr. M. Idham Nawawi , the COO of P1 is there to share with us what is the new campaign about. Do you still remember the Potong Campaign by P1? They manage to grab back 2010 EFFI Gold Award Malaysia . Congratz =) The reason why kiddo appear in this campaign because they are same age as P1. Two years old plus plus. That's why they are still learning to do better day by day including spelling better with St w onger, Eve w y Where, W elly W elly Fast. Do you noticed they strengthen the alphabet "W"? Personally feels that it st

MSS Day 1: Firefly, i-City & Uptown Shah Alam

Harlo guys, this would be my first post for My Selangor Story Travel! All bloggers were ought to gather at Subang Skypark Terminal around 3pm and this is the place we met- KAPITAN Kopitiam . I would like to thanks Wern for fetching me and Nicole to the terminal =) Firefly is the sponsor for bloggers from Indonesia, Singapore and other states who need flights to reach here. I didn't take the flight but I am sure we all receive warm welcome from the Firefly crews. She has a big smile doesn't she? =) There are familiar bloggers and new faces appear in the kopitiam. Here is one of the group photo that I manage to get. Some finger food to welcome us and thanks to Firefly's pilot that give all passengers good treatment along the way. Raja Sa’adi , the Head of PR & Marketing for Firefly giving an opening speech about what they are doing to serve people flying around the world. This is the third year Firefly serving the publics and the location plus destination of fligh