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10 Reasons To Love Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (Review)

[PHOTO] Reasons To Love Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (Review) Here comes the long overdue review post about the triple camera Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Edition . I've got the Blue Color Samsung Galaxy A7 with me and played with me for month before I can justify on the camera quality. Hence below will have a series of photos taken using the Galaxy A7 (2018) and my main focus would be about the new addition of Ultra wide-angle 8MP camera , why and where you will need the extra wider view for photoshoot. I shall give a quick conclusion of my Galaxy A7 (2018) user experience in points below: A well hidden fingerprint sensor at the power button area that I just noticed recently. It was not at the back/front of the screen but at the convenient place of the power button. All I need to do is place my thumb on it. Triple Camera with 8MP Wide Camera being the most useful addition to A series, followed by the 5MP camera for Live Focus Overall phone performance is good, can play ga