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She Will be Loved - Boyce Avenue & Tiffany Alvord Accoustic Cover

Have you heard of Boyce Avenue? Alejandro Manzano , lead vocals, guitar & piano in Boyce Avenue Boyce Avenue , a Florida-based band popular for its strong acoustic roots and melodic rock sound, consists of the three brothers Alejandro, Fabian , and Daniel Manzano . The brothers first came together as a band in 2004 when Alejandro (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Fabian (guitar, vocals), and their older brother Daniel (bass, percussion, vocals). Today wanna recommend a song cover by both Boyce Avenue, Alejandro Manzano and also Tiffany Alvord . Tiffany is a singer/songwriter from California. She play the guitar and piano, and she love to sing and act. She looks a bit like Emma Watson . Both of them have good voice especially Boyce Avenue whom I stumble upon first through Youtube. Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved (Boyce Avenue & Tiffany Alvord Acoustic Cover) One more screen capture from the MV. Now almost every YouTuber/Music Artist know how to create their own music v