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Golden Palm Tree Getaway @ 2011.11.11

Miao~ Here's an over exposed photo of the long tail cat at Sepang Bagan Lalang beach. Me and Wern went to Golden Palm Tree after I won Golden Palm Tree 1st Anniversary contest . Glad that they allow us to visit GPT on a special day. Went to Smiley Beach to take some photos. Model behind the flowers Baywatch models are still there. You can read some of the photo post here during my #MSS2011 Tour: Fun Water Sport @ Golden Palm Tree Smiley Beach & Cycling Tour Golden Palm Tree Low Tide Tour & Golden Sunset Malaysian Night Seafood Galore @ Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom + Supper! Model of the day: Wern and Churpie-Churp 'Photoshoot' in progress A kid that playing on the sand during low tide. *smile* 2011.11.11 @ Golden Palm Tree The golden sunset Congratz to all couples who registered/getting married on 11th November 2011 including my friend. Thanks Golden Palm Tree for the breakaway! Feel free to read my older post below!! Hope you guys enjoy your weekend and .

Golden Palm Tree Low Tide Tour & Golden Sunset

[Next Post: Malaysian Night Seafood Galore @ Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom + Supper! ] After enjoyed the beach activities @ Smiley Beach and also cycling tour around the villages of Sepang Gold Coast . We are lucky to have a tour guide bringing us to the sea for Low Tide Tour . Rosie is our tour guide of the day. She is fully equipped with hat and sunglasses. Smart move to prevent sunburn~ Since the tide is low in the noon, we all just walk towards the sea and discover the amazing low tide kingdom. There were lots of creatures that can be found on this beach. The sun was really hot and clever Helga covered himself with his jacket. Rosie thought us how to identify the gender of Green Mussle while Dwi Andi telling us the shell is proportional to each other. You will able to spot soldier crabs or 'Geramak' easily at this beach. They will all crawl out and hunt for food when the tide is low. TIPS: If you want to witness thousands of soldier crab surrounding you. Easy! All you

Golden Palm Tree 1st Anniversary Bash WINNERS!

Hurray! Picture taken at Sepang Gold Coast helped me win a 2 Days/1 Night Travellers Palm Villa stay with Breakfast for 2 pax at Golden Palm Tree!! Another reason to visit this relaxing place after Carlsberg Private Beach Party =) I really like Vincy's winning photo especially the sunset. let see if I able to capture it during my next visit! Thanks Golden Palm Tree and looking forward for your 2nd anniversary!! THANK YOU ALL FOR SENDING IN FANTASTIC HOLIDAY STORIES FROM YOUR VACATION AT GOLDEN PALM TREE ICONIC RESORT & SPA AND THE WINNERS ARE! FIRST PRIZE (2 Days/1 Night Canary Palm Villa with Breakfast for 4 pax) Tee Wen Xin (Vincy Xin) The sunset at here is really breath taking. I had a relaxing walk around the resort under the dazzling colour of sunset and the sparkling sea. I do some simple yoga posture and enjoy peaceful moment I ever had in my life. The wind blows gently, tenderly carrying away my worries, awaken my spirit. Here is the place where I

Carlsberg Awesome Beach Party @ Sepang Gold Coast [Part 3]

"Wash-N-Go" , one of the game you can play at the beach to gain points and win prizes. Read Sepang Gold Coast Carlsberg Beach Party [Part 2] if you wanna know what happened at the beach =) _______________________________ After a quick bath there we go for party! "Bagan Seafood Kava" as dinner Was tempted to get the oysters but just in case stomach ache while party, I avoided them... There are lots of food for you to choose and you can see it in my FB photo album. The gorgeous couple Patricia Knudsen and Joey G up on stage ready to party with us all "Darling, what music you want to hear tonight? First dancing performance by Famous Crew Saw them before in R16 Malaysia 2010 Looks like he is the new member? Dancing on the sand is so different Remember not to stand too near to people who dancing on the sand, or else your drink will become..."Sandy Carlsberg" Another group of dancing crew. Saw them performed before at St Patrick Day event and Asian Mus